Mr. Summers has been an investigator in a number of my cases. I have found him to be thorough, engaged, motivated, and insightful. He investigates not only that which we discussed, but often follows leads that were unanticipated. He is reliable and trustworthy. There have been cases where the favorable outcome was very much based on his work. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at 404-577-5493

Barry Hazen Attorney at Law


I stopped using investigators for my law practice years ago because I couldn’t find a competent one. However, all of that changed when JT came into my life & Spearhead Investigations. They employ 21st century technology along with real police work (they are all former law enforcement) to investigate my cases. I think my work is better because of their work. I am better prepared, and we have obtained great results due to his work. If you want the best, then use JT Summers and Spearhead Investigations.
Lawrence Zimmerman Attorney at Law


When the attorneys at my firm, Farnsworth Law, LLC, need an investigator, JT Summers is our first phone call. I have had the privilege of working with JT on numerous occasions in a wide range of cases including criminal cases, personal injury cases, and domestic/divorce cases.

One example: JT and I worked on a case where my client was charged with armed robbery. The initial offer in the case was 10 years to serve.

JT tracked down crucial physical evidence and interviewed over 15 potential witnesses, including several witnesses that the State’s investigators were not able to locate.

Based upon the evidence tracked down by JT, I was able to show the prosecutor that the State’s case was very weak. Eventually, the State conceded that they would not be able to proceed with the prosecution and the case was DISMISSED and a client who was looking at 10 years of incarceration is now FREE.

I highly recommend JT and Spearhead Investigations.
Daniel Farnsworth Attorney at Law

I am an Attorney that exclusively uses Spearhead Investigations for all of my cases. I have been working with Spearhead for over 4 years. I have worked with over a dozen investigators and JT and Spearhead are, by far, the best. Professional, attention to detail, fantastic follow up. JT cares about his business and goes out of his way to make sure the investigation is done right. I have recommended JT to everybody that is looking for help with investigations. I think he’s the best around. I would be happy to speak to anyone that wants specific details of JT’s work. You can contact me at mtm@mtmlegal.com or 678-386-4968.
Matthew McNally Attorney at Law


J.T. Summers is the only investigator my firm will use. He and his team of investigators have consistently proven themselves to be the best investigators I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Each time I give J.T. a project he goes above and beyond the call of duty in making sure it is timely and professionally completed. Simply the best.
Scott Smith Attorney at Law


February 18, 2014
JT Summers has been doing investigative work for my family for a year and a half and we have found him to be very thorough and professional in his investigations. He has gone up and above to obtain all information that was necessary to help my family. We have found him to be very knowledgeable in his profession, he knows the right people to get in contact with and has been very quick in providing us with feedback.
Debbie B.


February 8, 2014
Spearhead Investigations is a top notch company. JT Summers and his staff are professionals who helped me during a very tragic and difficult time. The investigation was the best money spent. JT stayed in close contact with me for weeks. We spoke daily. He provided information that was invaluable. I highly recommend Spearhead for any and all matters that require private surveillance.
Pete S.

January 19, 2014
I hired Spearhead Investigations a couple months ago because I felt my husband of a year was seeing his ex girlfriend whom they share a child together. I could never really prove he was cheating though. I would be with him when they met up to drop and pick up their kid. She wasn’t mean but not that friendly either. I started to feel he was up to no good when she started texting him late at night, and when I asked him about it he always said it was about the kid. Call it a woman’s intuition, but I know he was up to no good. After I talked about what I thought was going on with my mom she told me to hire a P.I. She had a friend who used one, and was able to prove her husband was cheating. I just want to thank Spearhead they are very professional and hands on. They were able to get a lot of documentation to prove my suspension right in a tasteful way. Needless to say it was worth the money to have a piece of mind now!
Karen M.


I have used Spearhead Investigations for a number of cases. They are the best. They are diligent, efficient, and above-all else thorough. I have used their services in a number of high-profile cases. I would not have gotten the results I did without their amazing work. I highly recommend them.
Parag Shaw Attorney at Law


My teenage son decided he was a business man. Let me just say he sold a product with a very high profit margin. He was hyper aware of his surroundings while dealing so very difficult to track. Mr. Summers was able to quickly get us the info we needed to make the decisions we needed to make to keep our family safe and get our son back on track! Further, JT and his colleagues were willing to go the extra mile for us—-He showed some real heart and ingenuity to help us solve a huge problem.
Very professional company. They say what they’ll do then do it, period. Fair in billing and requirements for retainers also.
I trust Spearhead Investigations. I would use them again.
Kevin C.


I have employed JT Summers for several cases. Each time, he has shown great interest in getting the job done and getting it done right. He is thorough and “thinks outside the box”. I will continue to hire Mr. Summers in the future.
Steven Berne Attorney at Law


I have used Spearhead to help put together a defense in criminal cases such as child molestation and drug possession. With all his experience as a former police officer JT Summers can get things done nobody else can. He is very reliable, always get photos and recordings, keeps good records, and the clients seem to trust him immediately.
Maddox Kilgore Attorney at Law


I own a criminal defense law firm. JT is the only investigator I use. We have worked together on numerous major felony cases. I highly recommend his work and will continue to use him on all of my cases.
Mike Jacobs Attorney at Law