JT Summers

J.T. Summers

    J.T. Summers started his career in law enforcement at 20 years of age where he patrolled the streets of south Atlanta. Over the following 20 years, J.T. worked in a high risk tactical unit designed to go head- to- head with the drug gangs of Atlanta. Later, becoming an investigator, J.T. began working undercover operations in various organized criminal networks, to include motorcycle gangs, and Mexican drug cartels. After five years conducting these investigations, J.T. was assigned to HIDTA, a Federal drug task force. During his years in HIDTA, J.T. continued in undercover assignments, spent hundreds of hours conducting surveillances, and performed on wire-tap investigations. The last few years of his police career were spent operating metro Atlanta’s first Human Trafficking Unit. There, J.T. was tasked with investigating and bringing to justice criminals that dealt in modern day slavery.  After serving twenty years with the Atlanta Police Department, J.T. Summers retired and accepted a position working for the interest of the U.S. government in Afghanistan. Embedded in the U.S. Army as well as New Zealand military units, J.T. was then tasked with investigating and locating Taliban and Al Qaeda bomb makers. Through the use of informants and electronic surveillance, he spent fifteen months in the mountains of Afghanistan amongst enemies that kill at all costs.  Now, back home in the United States, J.T. Summers has established his own investigative firm designed to spearhead the needs of his present and future clients.